Saturday, June 21, 2008

Asher's Speech

Asher recently reached the 10 month mark since joining our family. In that time he has gone from speaking barely any words in English to completing full sentences. This has been the hardest struggle of anything for him, but he is finally starting to conquer his speech! We have been overjoyed to watch Asher's speech continue to progress and progress. Granted, he still has a long way to go but his upcoming surgery on August 1st will tremendously help.

The first part of this video was shot just a few weeks after coming home. You can notice in the video the high nasal sound of his voice, and also how shy he was! The last part was shot today and if you listen carefully you can probably make out all he is saying. He is still a bit nasally, but you can see a big difference and notice how he is much more confident! Both of these video's are about Sophie, btw. =)

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Tracie said...

Our son is having the bone graft surgery for his cleft in Aug. What type of surgery is Asher having Aug 1? We go July 17 to have his teeth pulled for the upcoming surgery. I was just checking. I love your blog.